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Brain-based Coaching

Brain-based coaching applies findings from neuroscience about the learning and performing brain to a coaching context. Our brain is a network of mental maps and associations that captures every experience, feeling, emotion or thought that we’ve ever had. The brain’s ability to form new connections throughout our lives (called neuroplasticity) is one of the great findings of neuroscience. It has enormous implications for learning, growth and the realization of human potential.

Learn more about the neuroscience of coaching by reading Dr. David Rock’s article: A Brain-Based Approach to Coaching

What is your story?

Are you yearning to work with a greater clarity and purpose? Ready to stop tweaking what no longer works because you know these times call for more profound changes? Ready to join with other pioneers seeking a better way?

What if you knew that everything you need is already present? Not more information, things to do, and directions in which to be pulled. Instead, what if you could discover a stillness in which your story, the one that truly wants to be told, becomes possible?

I help my clients transcend perceived limitations, dream bigger than they’ve ever done before and to see how powerful and gifted they truly are, so that they can experience extraordinary transformations. And once they share their big, exciting and inspiring visions with me, I serve them powerfully. What happens next is often nothing short of magical.

Coaching isn’t for everyone however. You don’t even need it.

The question is more whether you want it. Whether you’re committed to becoming the best version of yourself by stepping fully into your power. And whether you’re ready to take massive action in shaping your future today.

You can’t go back and make a brand new beginning. But you can start now and make a brand new ending.

So, if you’re committed to playing life at a higher level and are ready to begin living the unlived life within you where you’re able to express your true self, we should talk.

I want to help you unapologetically live your truth. Why?

Because you deserve it. You deserve to thrive in a life that ignites your heart + soul.

Stress & Burnout

The atmosphere at work has changed in recent times. The pace of change keeps accelerating. As companies continue to search for ever higher levels of quality, service and overall business agility, the pressures are felt on individuals at all levels of the organization. The treadmill moves faster, companies work harder, improvements are made only to be changed again and again. Today’s managers are experiencing a whole new order of exhaustion. It helps to address these questions with a professional coach who provides a safe, nurturing and enlightening setting for exploring these critical life issues.

Tragedy & Healing


DeAnn will guide you through a process of understanding where your specific anxiety and depression comes from, while teaching you skills and new ways of thinking to re-direct your anxious energy, and even minimize it. You will come away from each session feeling inspired and motivated with a new belief in yourself and your ability to move forward and truly enjoy your life again. 

Get to a place of more

peace and fulfillment

I help you through a healing recovery process to assist you overcome challenges in your life and get you closer to a place of more wholeness and healing. You truly can laugh again and realize that joy is right there waiting for you to experience it again​.  I honor you in your pain and hold your hand as we walk through it together to navigate through all the emotions and come out on top.

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Engineer Your Path Towards Joy


Why you can have everything you want but still not be happy? On paper, you likely have a lot to be grateful for—so much that it can be guilt-inducing when any feelings of unhappiness creep up. You have a body that can carry you through a grueling pilates workout, a job that gets the bills paid on times, and awesome people who love you—what right do you have to feel unfulfilled?

Emptiness & Sadness

Doesn't Discriminate

You can have the seemingly perfect life, yet still feel desperately empty. Why is that? DeAnn will work with you to show you how powerfully connected the mind and body are while working to identify the underlying reasons for suffering, and plot out a step-by-step process for achieving lifelong happiness and enduring contentment. 

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My Process.


Once you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit itself becomes more satisfying. The quality of the journey and the destination begin to merge in your heart.


Deconstructing and breaking current reality is necessary to enable us to shift our perspective – to see the same things differently – in order to reconstruct a new reality that is more than the sum of its parts.

Point of View

Our point of view informs how we think about something. So, what if we can look at the same old things in life but see them differently? This ability to shift our point of view (POV) intentionally is at the heart of transformation.


Reconstruction, our fourth step, is about putting it back together. It is the other side of deconstruction. Your choices will determine the kind of life you are designing.


The sum of all parts leads to expression. By weaving the information about your current life and your vision for the life you love, we give form to your design.

Follow Up

Once back in our daily routine we are very likely to slip back into old habits and unhelpful patterns. Follow up coaching ensures you achieve lasting change and sustainable success.

Forget about good. Good is a known quantity. Good is what we all agree on. As long as you stick to good, you’ll never have real growth.

Bruce Mau, designer

My training

I trained at the NeuroLeadership Institute, headed by Dr. David Rock, the author of the well-known business book “Your Brain at Work”. NLI is a leading global research organization and the pioneer of bringing neuroscience to coaching and to leadership. Since its inception the Institute has united the world’s foremost neuroscientists, leadership researchers and organizational practitioners with the purpose of transforming how we think, develop and perform.

The Brain-based Coaching program is a unique brain-based, process-focused, and outcome-driven methodology and framework that help individuals and organizations facilitate positive change and lead more effectively.

I have also been trained in Narrative Coaching under Dr. David Drake, and at the Coach Training Alliance (CTA).



I had been struggling with depression and didn’t know which direction to take. DeAnn is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and highly pragmatic and has found her calling as a coach. In terms of pedigree, she is a successful business person who also happens to be a trained coaching professional. She sees the best in you and helps you to build a plan for how to put those strengths and passions to work. Equal parts business and advisor, coach, and cheerleader, DeAnn helps you to bring your vision to life. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period personally and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their life.

Gary N.

I highly recommend DeAnn as a life and career coach. In our work together focusing on career transition, she’s provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth, change and resilience

Tim C.

Working with DeAnn helped me finally clear away the cobwebs of distraction that were keeping me from being honest with myself for years. Her no-nonsense approach is refreshing and most efficient for down to earth people like me. She is THE coach (after hiring many) who was able to guide me through the trickiest transitions of my life so far.

Natasha G.

From the outside, it looked like I had it all: a rewarding career in television, a fat paycheck, nice house and a wonderful partner. But despite all of the successes in my life, I had an overwhelming sensation that I was not living the life I wanted to live. Even worse, I didn’t even know what the life I wanted might look like. I was angry all of the time, drank too much and my relationship with my partner was strained. My work with DeAnn allowed me to step out of my head and into my heart and intuition. I’m no longer afraid to want more and I have the tools to make a life that reflects me, not what I think it’s supposed to look like. In only six months, I have turned my life upside down, searched for and accepted a new job on terms I felt confident to negotiate, and most exciting of all – I am happy! Her coaching style is the perfect mixture of nurturing support and tough love that I so needed at this time in my life.

Alan C.

Anyone who ever has the opportunity of working with DeAnn should seize the moment and be confident in knowing you will walk away a better person with new tools and an enhanced awareness of the value you bring to this world!

Charlotte S.

I’ve overcome many challenges and had some incredible experiences so far. I’ve learned so much about myself and have become much more confident about who I am as an individual.

Jaime S.