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Whether you’re searching for a Christian speaker or business leader to share the effect faith has played in their lives, exploring spirituality as part of a larger mind/body/soul awareness, motivating the congregation at your fellowship retreat or engaging the soul of corporate leadership, the passion and conviction of DeAnn Wandler-Vukovich will uplift and inspire any audience.

She is interesting, often humorous, but her message is more than entertaining. There is solid, meaty substance that changes lives, and it is delivered with winsome words and clarity.

Nourish Well

In this evocative and stirring presentation, DeAnn shares how her near fatal suicide attempt encouraged her to transform her life and wake up fully to herself. Her lived experience has provided her with a platform to inspire, encourage and equip others in understanding their God-given identity and purpose so they can live a powerfully courageous life that glorifies Christ. Her dedication to helping individuals be rooted in faith frees people to move beyond their failures in pursuit of purpose. Nourish Well is a powerful and inspiring exploration to the essential wisdom of our souls and embracing God’s dream of you.


ABOUT YOU: I believe that God created all human beings in His image and that all life is sacred and valuable. I also believe that you have talents and God-given abilities that can be used to glorify and enjoy God. Your creative expression can be an act of worship towards the Ultimate Creator.

Other Suggested Presentation Topics

Below are more of DeAnn's most requested presentations. Each are customized based on the event, audience, and location. Want a topic customized to your theme? Just ask!

The Mind Connection. Are your thoughts random and meaningless, or do they affect your life in ways that perhaps you not yet understood? We all talk to ourselves, and this self-talk can determine whether we feel happy and successful about the state of our lives. Too often, what we tell ourselves is negative. We point out where we’ve failed, focusing on our problems rather than keeping our thoughts centered on the positive. Through God’s word, DeAnn addresses the power of our thoughts and how they are connected to the way we respond to everything else in life. She will reveal how to think on purpose instead of having a passive mind, and how to regain and maintain control of your thoughts when you feel you’re lost and/or lost control. 

Suicide Prevention and Faith-based Organizations. Suicide is a topic that must be brought out of the darkness in order to save lives. There are many organizations working to dispel myths and bring hope and light to the subject so that those in crisis feel comfortable seeking help to recover and reengage fully in life. Faith communities are a natural setting for suicide prevention. Spiritual beliefs and practices tend to help people experience greater hope and meaning in their lives. Faith communities can also provide opportunities for developing positive relationships with others and can be an important source of support during difficult times. DeAnn helps faith community leaders learn how they can play a powerful role in preventing suicide.

Even if our circumstances aren’t good, His purpose always is.