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A veteran, survivor, speaker, storyteller, and a former university administrator and higher education exec, DeAnn is, “equal parts yogi, comedian, and drill instructor…she displays the true grit of a Marine…..edgy, filled with passion and perseverance …yet still loving and inspired.” She lives in Alliance, OH with her husband, and their adopted rescue Yorkie, Emerson. You can find her @deannwandler and just about everywhere on social media.



  1. SoCal baby. Military brat. Gypsy.
  2. Active Duty USMC. USMC Spouse. Mom. Mom x2. Artist. Bartender. Mom x3.
  3. Certified Massage Therapist. Foot Reflexologist. Reiki Healer. Transformational Breath Facilitator. Nursing student.
  4. Single Mom [did I mention bartending isn’t an ideal occupation when you’re married?]. Commercial real estate. Higher education. Partner. Lived Experience Survivor. Spouse. Speaker. Storyteller. Educator. Professional stigma fighter. Workplace culture advocate. Healer. Certified Brain-Based Coach.

In the Weeds: 

  1. Accidental career in higher education while in the process of trying out for the police force in Arizona. Decided I kinda liked the gig and decided to stay with it. 
  2. Relocation from Phoenix, AZ to Slidell, Louisiana for career advancement. I love you, New OrleansHurricane Katrina screws up my plans and forces an unexpected relocation to Kansas City, MO.
  3. Single mom…still. Workaholic….still.
  4. Promoted. I helped lead a team of big academic brains [and egos] on how to dramatically increase their student enrollment and retention. Keep in mind that: a) I never graduated college, and b) I am a woman. Extremely rare in higher education!
  5. Promoted again. Get canned from my university VP position in a coup d’état and clash of wills. (Btw, they still haven’t acquired regional accreditation. Because, karma.). Lost my house. Lost all of my savings trying to keep said house [ouch…triple whammy].
  6. Moved to Washington DC area to be with my boyfriend. Landed another VP job overseeing 24 education campuses throughout 11 states. Turned out the road tour wasn’t as initially portrayed. Needless to say, two 10-14 day road trips weren’t exactly copacetic to fostering our new relationship.
  7. Several arguments later, I accepted a job in Washington DC overseeing membership education for a large trade association. Essentially, I went from the pot into the frying pan. I traded my extended work-related travel to a daily commute of four to five hours. Yes, you read right. I hate you….DC traffic. After a year of road rage, my vocabulary doubled (s%#$t, f&*#, and WTF#@%!) and my anxiety tripled. Decided title and salary wasn’t worth it and accepted a significantly lesser job with a local university.
  8. After a couple months working at the new [lesser] job – I tried to off myself. 
  9. A year (or so later), I’m still in professional hell – feeling underutilized, unappreciated and undervalued. Depression consumes me and I try to off myself a second time. Interrupted. Clearly. 
  10. Blah, blah, blah. More baggage. More issues. I tried to off myself a THIRD TIME; this time by placing a loaded gun under my chin and pulling the trigger. Unbelievable. Hello…STILL here.
  11. Once I was finally released from the hospital, I get carted off to the Psych Ward for a brief, but pleasant stay. Yeah, right?
  12. Return home and return to work. And before you ask….yes, to the same job. I know what you’re thinking….
  13. Because of my re-immersion in the same scenario, a whole bunch of holistic shit was also going on…more psychotherapy, yoga teacher certification, yoga retreats, mindfulness, and meditation. Although I would like to say that a lot of green juice went down [ugh], there was much more wine [sip, gulp, gulp].
  14. Get engaged. Fiancé loses job; finds new job. I quit my soul-sucking corporate job and return to my healing arts background.
  15. We sell our house and move from the Washington DC area to Alliance, Ohio – which is a great place to live. I love you small town. Our new home becomes my creative temple.
  16. I get married to my handsome man. Still amazed. A few other things have happened…
  17. After weeks of looking for a new job [and several rejection emails later] – I realize I’m grossly overqualified, under-qualified, and too old. Then I get a creative flash. Maybe I can’t find a corporate job because I’m not supposed to. That was a real revelation – especially for our checkbook. 
  18. And thus, is born. And I become intensely focused on trying to help other people and growing my platform.
  19. Jump cut to today: I currently serve on the Mental Health and Recovery Counseling Education and Training National Advisory Committeeas well as the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) Speaker & Conference Bureau Committee and am an active member of the Stark County Suicide Prevention Coalition. 
  20. I’m obsessed with my speaking, coaching and healing work. I now understand that there is divine within all of us. And I coach and speak some more so others can find this untapped resource.
  21. There are times my mock ADHD kicks in and I want to throw everything out and start over. But I’ve figured this much out: It’s not for me to say what’s most meaningful to people. God, the Universe, or whatever you subscribe to – has already dictated that for me. Therefore, I will keep giving and inspiring others to break their negative thought patterns and let their light shine forth to share with the world.

Areas of Knowledge

Chronic Stress85%
Suicide & Suicide Prevention90%
Mental Health & Workplace Culture90%
Developing Resiliency80%
Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness85%
Neuroplasticity - Learning to Recondition Your Mind85%
Work/Lifestylist - Finding Balance90%
Designing the Life You Love90%