Mental Health & Culture

American adults have a mental health condition
of US workers are stressed
billion in lost productivity
of workplace accidents result from stress
employees miss work each day because of stress

How To Create A Workplace That Supports Mental Health

Mental illness and substance abuse costs employers an estimated $225.8 billion each year, according to a recent study, that featured a random sample of over 28,000 workers in the US. The largest indirect cost of mental illness comes in the form of decreased performance due to absenteeism, or regularly missing work, and presenteeism, or working while sick.

While most employers notice absenteeism, they often overlook presenteeism. A study measuring health-related productivity estimated that individuals working with untreated illnesses cost employers $1,601 per person each year. CEOs underestimate the hidden costs of employee wellbeing.

In this thought provoking presentation, DeAnn encourages employers to effectively assess and address the most pertinent psychosocial factors known to have a powerful impact on organizational health, the health of individual employees, and the financial bottom line.

Audience: Companies, Associations, Conferences, HR and Leadership-centic

Length: 90 – 120 minutes

ROI: Increase profit while transforming culture and improving well-being.

Other Suggested Presentation Topics

Below are more of DeAnn's most requested presentations. Each are customized based on the event, audience, and location. Want a topic customized to your theme? Just ask!

Suicide Prevention in the Workplace. Suicide is a topic that must be brought out of the darkness in order to save lives. There are many organizations working to dispel myths and bring hope and light to the subject so that those in crisis feel comfortable seeking help to recover and reengage fully in life. While the burden of suicide is carried by the working-age population, age 24-64, most workplaces are relatively unprepared to help employees who are struggling with suicidal thoughts or to assist colleagues following the death of a co-worker by suicide (CDC, 2010). Thankfully, employers can play a powerful role in preventing suicide and responding appropriately when tragedies occur.

Avoiding Burnout. Approximately eight out of every ten employees are over-stressed. This statistic is up over 10 percent in the past decade and is not going away. The health and productivity of the workforce is the key to excellence. DeAnn will approach the topic of Avoiding Burnout with an understanding of Neuroscience and Physiology accompanied by stories, analogies, statistics and examples from 25 years of leadership and team building. In this address, you will learn how to take back control. We will reveal the major causes of burnout and help you to diagnose where you might fall in the Stages of Burnout. We will also reveal crucial Keys to Avoiding Burnout including insights and applications.  You will feel empowered and equipped with specific ways to manage your stress, your time and your tasks more effectively.

Life/Work Stylist. In this life-changing presentation, DeAnn brings her fresh approach to achieving work/life fulfillment to your company or conference. After years of working with hundreds of professionals who aim to perform at the highest levels, DeAnn created a framework to help men and women manage their lives for ultimate success and satisfaction. Countless audiences have been inspired and driven to make changes big and small using DeAnn’s framework for personal and professional fulfillment.

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